Divine Brewing Co Polaris AF Porter x 48

Divine Brewing Co Polaris AF Porter x 48

A traditional style of beer, our Polaris Porter is dark and complex with a balanced hop profile. Brewed with liquorice root, an original ingredient dating back hundreds of years, but now rarely used, that adds a subtle sweetness. It’s a perfect balance of old and new.

This is an award-winning beer; it was awarded GOLD in the 2021 European Beer Challenge.

POLARIS AF is unusual in the world of alcohol-free beers as it undergoes a full fermentation, has nothing added and nothing removed and still has only 0.5% ABV. Its combination of 10 different malts and grains provides a complex character with hints of chocolate.

ABV 0.5%


Polaris, the North Star, has been used for centuries in navigation. We've named our first alcohol-free beer in honour of this beacon. Whether you've lost you way or you have a goal in sight, Polaris can make sure you're heading in the right direction.

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